Mental Health Article 31 Clinic

The AIDS Center of Queens County’s Mental Health Department is an OMH licensed Article 31 outpatient mental health clinics. We provide services to adults and adolescents (13 years and above) who meet the criteria of having an Axis I diagnosis. We provide individual, couples, family counseling, and crisis intervention as well as numerous support groups. We also provide psychiatric assessments, psychotropic medication management (including Buprenorphine), coordination of care, and referrals. Our goals are the following:

  • Help recipients improve their independence and copying skills.
  • Increase the individual’s ability to adjust to community life and to their disability, illness or problems
  • Assist to improve social and family relationships.
  • Help recipients to achieve or maintain an appropriate economic role in society according to their interests and capabilities.
  • Stabilize psychiatric services so that the individual can maintain herself/himself in the community without hospitalizations.
  • Coordination provider services so the individual is consistent with doctor’s appointments, medications, etc. to remain at optimum health

Our Mental Health Department currently services 200 individuals throughout the borough of Queens. We provide services in 4 different locations

  • 161-21 Jamaica Avenue, 7th Fl. Jamaica, NY 11432
  • 89-31 161 Street, 7th Fl. Jamaica, NY 11432,
  • 1139 Foam Place, 1st Fl. Far Rockaway,
  • 67-07 Woodside Avenue 3rd, Fl.

We are open all times that ACQC is open in order to provide crisis services that may arise in other departments of the agency.

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